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because the problem is so huge that you can't really change the structure of the economy and military and foreign policy in four years. he laid ground work, but i don't think he achieved as much as he wanted to or other people expected him to. >> we heard from professor nishizaki about foreign policy. how do you think obama changed approach? >> obama has said repeatedly that america is a specific nation and he's led refocusing of foreign policy toward asia. commands at the pentagon redeployed resources for this reason. and obama tried to strengthen economic ties. for example, congress passed a free trade pact with south korea. but mitt romney and others say obama still hasn't done enough on issues such as the currency disparity with china and the republicans say his approach to a nuclear weapon is misguided. the professor said somewhere along the way, obama got side tracked. >> he had this idea, and his position, but it is so volatile and promising at the same time during his administration, and naturally i think that was that region instead of asia. >> most americans care most about
and the economy. >> translator: every year we use the deficit bond bills as a tool to make political deals. we should give up this inappropriate practice. >> for more on this story, shery ahn spoke earlier with nhk world's senior political commentator masayo nakajima. >> masayo, how badly is the leader in opposition now? >> the government will run out of bills if the budget cannot be passed soon. many of the services will come to a halt. this almost happened in the united states in 2011 and this past summer. prime minister noda is telling voters that the opposition is not cooperating and will be delayed if funds stop flowing and services were interrupted. the opposing parties are pointing fingers at the government, on the other hand. they insist that noda is not following through with his promise to call a general election soon, because he is unpopular, and they do not appear ready to cooperate. you know, if both parties, both sides, can not come to an agreement and the budget cannot be enacted during this month-long diet session, japanese voters will surely find -- surely lose their trust in
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2